Access Alliance Online Annual Report

In 2015, Access Alliance was looking for creative solutions for their annual reporting requirements. Drawing from an experience in financial communications, and recognizing the trends that larger companies were leaning towards, it was recommended that Access Alliance transition away from a large printed annual report, and instead look to produce an online annual report with a limited print version.

The print version would serve two purposes:

  1. Satisfy the desire to have a piece of collateral to distribute during the annual general meeting
  2. Serve as a “call to action” pointing people towards the online annual report

In subsequent years, this first iteration of the online annual report has proved invaluable in reducing overall production costs, and time-related to the production of the annual report.

Access Alliance Online Annual Report

Developed the organizations first online annual report. This would go on to become the model for future annual reports, reducing overall development time, and print costs.

DateOctober 1, 2018
Created byCtrotman